Top 5 Bad Morning Habits to Avoid

Checking Your Phone And Social Media

Who isn’t guilty of this?… Let’s be honest. Before I even pray and express gratitude checking my phone was one act I used to be vehemently guilty of. there’s an addiction or rather a robust persuasive connection that pops up with the sunshine of our telephone.

This isn’t a replacement tip buttons folks acknowledge the apparent and still do nothing about it. Knowledge isn’t all about knowing but the appliance, you recognize checking your phone very first thing within the morning isn’t a healthy and productive habit, why practice it?

I want you to know that what you are doing very first thing within the morning sets up your agenda of productivity. If you awaken getting to distractions and flimsy things without doing the needful of that specialize in yourself, your performance level is altered.

The first 60 minutes of awakening is only for you to nourish, recharge and condition your mind for fulfillment and zip else.

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