17 Subtle Signs Your Marriage Has Become Toxic, According to Experts.

It’s no secret that getting married may be a huge decision and a serious commitment. It’s something that you simply and your partner enter into with the shared goal of creating it a cheerful, healthy, long-standing union. However, a wedding is like anything in life—it doesn’t always compute the way you would like it to. And if things do start to travel south, it is often easy to ignore the signs of a toxic marriage due to how badly you would like your relationship to last.

“When warning signs first appear, we may attempt to rationalize them as normal—after all, no relationship is ideal. And it’s very hard to admit to something as important as one’s marriage showing signs of trouble,” says Inna Khazan, Ph.D., a Harvard-educated psychotherapist. “And while it’s absolutely true that no relationship is ideal, it’s important to differentiate between imperfections we are willing to measure with and people we aren’t. Once problems we aren’t willing to measure with start to snowball, it’s going to become particularly difficult to deal with them.”

If you’re concerned that your relationship could be in trouble, it is time to concentrate on the red flags that would be right ahead of you. These are the subtle signs that indicate you and your partner may actually be during a toxic marriage.

1- You constantly flaunt how great your relationship is on social media.

While it’s going to sound counterintuitive, if you’re constantly gushing about your marriage online, you’ll be trying to subconsciously overcompensate for a toxic marriage. A 2014 study published within the journal Personality and psychology Bulletin revealed that folks who are insecure or unhappy in their relationships were more likely to post about them on social media.

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