9 Ways to Assert Yourself More in 2020.

Whether you’re standing up for yourself at work or making your needs known during a relationship, being assertive is an important skill that we could all use a touch more of in our daily lives. But the truth is that when it comes time to truly intensify to the plate and put the skill into practice, it is easier said than done. That’s why we talked to therapists and other experts about what you’ll do to become more assertive and make this year your most successful one yet.

1- Know your goals before you begin speaking.

Whether you’re vying for a promotion or haggling over the worth of a replacement car, knowing what you would like before you begin speaking may be a good way to expedite the method of achieving those goals.

“Think about what you’re posing for or saying no to, how you would like the opposite person to feel after the conversation and the way you would like to feel after the conversation,” suggests licensed psychotherapist Rebecca B. Skolnick, Ph.D., co-founder of MindWell Psychology NYC. “This will assist you to find out your priorities within the interaction.”

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