8 Steps To Live a Better 2020

1- Communicate to understand, to not win.

Want to urge what you need? Then it is vital that you simply don’t enter interactions with a battle mindset.

“Practicing assertive communication means you’re advocating for yourself while also being mindful of other’s needs,” explains Texas-based therapist Kristen Suleman, LPC, a clinician at Ajana Therapy & Clinical Services. meaning listening and appreciating the opposite person’s point of view, but still respectfully maintaining your position if you do not accept as true with it.

2- Say “no” and do not backtrack.

A big part of learning to more assertive in your interactions in both your personal and professional lives is mastering the seemingly simple, but often difficult practice of claiming “no.”

“‘ No’ may be a complete sentence,” says Suleman. “You don’t get to justify, legitimize, or provide evidence to back-up your ‘no.'” Make it clear that you’re hearing their side of things and respect their decision, but are remaining firm in your decision to say no.

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