10 Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe For The Fourth Of July

3. Wear pets out before fireworks start.

Cats and dogs both do tons better when they’re too tired to be scared. Take your dog for an enter the park for a few extreme fetches. Or remove the laser pointer and let your cat go wild. Either way, the more tired they’re, the greater the prospect they’ll be ready to sleep through the noise and confusion of firework. Or a minimum of they’ll be too tired to worry.

4. Do not take pets with you to the fireworks show.

This seems like a no brainer, but it must be emphasized. albeit you’re getting to your dog’s favorite park to ascertain fireworks, resist any notion of bringing him along. That’s the last place he should get on the Fourth of July night. If you’re not staying home, get a critter sitter for the night so there’s a person’s presence for your pets. They’ll be calmer if they see people are calm because they take tons of emotional cues from us.

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